Not many community choirs can say that they have had the chance to go inside Abbey Road Recording Studios, let alone to record there…but even fewer could say they have been not once but twice!

Rock Up and Sing! had visited in 2011 and it was such an unforgettable trip for the choirs that there was no question it had to be repeated. So in February 2015 we headed back down to London again with a view to producing our first official CD.

The Rock Up band recorded the backing tracks and then over 200 adult choir members, plus the Youth choir, took their seats in the iconic Studio 1, the world’s largest purpose-built recording studio. Not only have many top artists recorded there but many film scores have been produced in Studio 1, including Star Wars, Harry Potter and Skyfall. The choir also went into Studio 2 where the Beatles famously recorded 190 songs, along with artists such as Pink Floyd, U2, and Oasis!

It takes a long time to produce enough recordings to work with so this time the choirs spent two days at Abbey Road getting everything just right. The recordings were finished off at The Grand Studio in Clitheroe, Lancashire a few weeks later and the resulting CD is something that everyone was extremely proud to have been part of!