When the choirs love doing something so iconic and memorable, then why not repeat it…not once, not twice…but three times! So on a beautiful sunny June day in 2018 the choirs once again made their way to London to visit the huge Studio 1 at Abbey Road Studios.

This time, recording a CD for the choir members themselves, the mixed choirs sang renditions of Hey Brother (Avicci), Weeping (Dan Heymann and Bright Blue) and Come What May (from Moulin Rouge). Then the chaps went out for a break whilst the ladies recorded Nothing Else Matters (Metallica). After which the Youth choir sang a haunting version of Street Spirit (Radiohead) followed by Pages (Steve Milloy).

It takes a lot of organisation and coordination to deal with a large group recording so many different pieces, but the day was a lot of fun and another incredible experience for all those who took part!