Harrogate’s Royal Hall has always held a special place in Rock Up’s heart as a beautiful venue, but when it was discovered that we hadn’t ever performed a Christmas concert there, December 2017 seemed the perfect time to put that right.

With over 300 choir members, the Youth Choir and a live band to fit into the venue, a little creative thinking had to be employed. With the band on a raised platform, Rock Up’s choir members were positioned on the stage and sat in the lower seats, much to the delight of the audience who didn’t realise until they stood up, turned to face the rest of the audience and began to sing!

The first part of the concert included some well loved songs along with Youth Choir renditions of the haunting Street Spirit by Radiohead, and Mad World by Tears for Fears. The finale of the concert had everyone sporting various Christmas headgear and the audience were treated to a medley of some well-known and some not so well-known pieces by John Lennon, Stevie Wonder and Greg Lake, amongst others.

The sell out concert was the perfect way to finish a very busy term and a full year of events – bring on 2018!