In January 2013 Rhiannon was asked to bring a Youth choir to the Tour de France Inaugral Dinner at Leeds Town Hall where they would announce the route for the Tour de France the following year.  At the time Rock Up didn’t have a Youth choir so she got busy recruiting as many 11-18 year olds as she could, and with only a few rehearsals the Rock Up Youth choir was born!

They were asked to perform one song on the night but learned two so that the Director/Producer Hugh Wooldridge could choose.  They performed both songs for him at their first rehearsal and he chose Life in a Northern Town. They later found out that if they hadn’t been good enough they wouldn’t have been allowed to sing!

Also performing on the night were Sing Live (the adult choir) and London’s West End Phantom of the Opera star Ramin Karimloo, and in the audience were many celebrities including Nick Clegg, Martin Lewis from Harry Potter and many Emmerdale actors.

What an amazing experience to be part of such a prestigious event, and happily the Youth choir have remained together and taken part in many more events since.